What Are the Downsides of 750 Watt Fat Tire Electric Bikes

electric fat bike
As the saying goes, “every rose has its thorn” The humongous 4 inch plus fat tires might make riding over all sorts of terrains a breeze, but they also come with certain drawbacks.
They add a lot of weight to your e-bike. Although the weight of your e-bike might not be something you’re concerned about right now, you’ll understand why it’s an important factor when carrying your e-bike up the stairs of your apartment, or with you on a commute.
In addition to portability issues, the weight and the increased surface area of the fat tires also slows down your e-bike and drains your battery much quicker.
You’ll be able to notice this mostly on pavements. The tires grip the road more, which means the 750 watt motor will be required to do more work. This results in slower speeds and more battery usage.
Therefore, these e-bikes are not the best option for long commutes, and for those that want something super fast.
Furthermore, if you’ll be carrying heavy cargo, or you’re a heavy individual – 250 pounds (113 kg) plus – you might run into some problems going up steep hills.
Although a 750 watt motor performs well on hilly terrains, you might experience performance issues when carrying heavy loads. In such cases, a 1000W motor will suit you best.
An electric fat tire mountain bike 48v 750w ebike
An electric fat tire mountain bike meet your needs of high power and high capacity, match with 26″*4.0 fat tire. Rugged mountain roads, muddy trials, hilly terrain or flat roads can all be handled easily. Let you enjoy a high speed riding based on max speed 35-45km/h. Immerse yourself in the excitement of high-speed riding to reaxl yourself at weekend. Two choices of motor parameter – 500w and 750w ebike. There are also lower specification, like 250w and 350w power. Let watch below video to know more electric fat tire mountain bike – A6AH26F.electric fat bike
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