how fast does a 750w electric bike go

750w electric bike

how fast does a 750w electric bike go?750 Watt Fat tire electric bikes scream versatility. The fat tires can handle pretty much every terrain you throw at them. And the 750 watt electric motor provides an effortless riding experience.

Why Choose 750 Watt Fat Tire Electric Bikes?
When it comes to riding on different terrains, fat tire electric bikes with 750 watt motors are the jacks of all trades, and the masters of them too. Whether you want to ride over sand, snow, mud, rugged mountain trails, or flat pavements for daily commute to work, these e-bikes can handle them all.

These electric bikes have 4 inch plus wide tires. The voluminous tires offer greater stability, traction, and a smoother riding experience. They work as a natural suspension system absorbing road noise, smoothing out bumps, and adding traction.

The wider wheelbase also increases the surface area of contact, allowing you to easily roll over loose terrain. Powered by a 750 watt motor, these e-bikes are perfect for those that don’t want bad weather and riding conditions to prevent them from having fun.

750W motor fat tire motorized bike 21 speed A7AT26

750w electric bike
750W motor fat tire motorized bike 21 speed,with 48V 750W brushless big power motor,48V 20Ah lithium battery,max speed 40 km/h,the fat tire adapt  to most terrain,allow you go further and have more fun.

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