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What Are the Downsides of 750 Watt Fat Tire Electric Bikes

electric fat bike

As the saying goes, “every rose has its thorn” The humongous 4 inch plus fat tires might make riding over all sorts of terrains a breeze, but they also come with certain drawbacks. They add a lot of weight to your e-bike. Although the weight of your e-bike might not be something you’re concerned about […]

how fast does a 750w electric bike go

750w electric bike

how fast does a 750w electric bike go?750 Watt Fat tire electric bikes scream versatility. The fat tires can handle pretty much every terrain you throw at them. And the 750 watt electric motor provides an effortless riding experience. Why Choose 750 Watt Fat Tire Electric Bikes? When it comes to riding on different terrains, […]

How to choose your first electric bike: an e-bike buying guide

electric mountain bike

Electric bikes have become the fastest growing segment of the bicycle industry. While standard pedal bike sales are either flat or falling in nearly every category, electric bicycles continue to see double or triple digit growth year over year. With their ease of use and thrilling performance, electric bikes are drawing more and more first […]

haibike flyon 2020 electric bikes


The Complete Guide: Haibike FLYON 2020 Electric Bikes This is everything you need to know about the new Haibike FLYON 2020 electric bikes. We offer the complete Haibike FLYON eBike guide, keep reading to learn more. the Haibike FLYON range of eBikes is one of the most anticipated electric bike ranges for 2020. Haibike was […]

how lectric xp bike went from garage e bike startup to a 20m giant

lectric xp bike

how the lectric xp bike went from garage e bike startup to a 20m giant In a nutshell, Haibike eConnect tracks the bike’s movements works as a GPS / Anit-Theft device and tracks routes you take on your electric bike. One of the most affordable folding fat tire electric bikes from a company with dedicated […]